Scurvy Scoundrels! Aaarrrgh!

Last Wednesday’s storytime was an interesting one. We read two books about pirates, which were both cute and funny.

First up we read Captain Buckleboots on the Naughty Step by Mark Sperring. It was a great story to teach children how to admit it when they’ve done something wrong, and most importantly how to say they are sorry. It also impressed upon them that even when they get in trouble they are still loved. The story is about a little boy who gets sent to the naughty step, and who gets joined there by an unlikely cast of characters including Captain Buckleboots the pirate, a knight, an astronaut, and a monster. As we learn what each of them have done to land themselves on the naughty step we also get to see how each of them find their own unique way of apologizing. As far as moralistic stories go I was impressed by this one, and the children and their parents enjoyed it as well. We especially like the charming and memorable illustrations that Tom McLaughlin created for the story. I’m definitely going to check into more of his work. All in all this book garnered 4 bookies!

Next we read another pirate story, Small Saul by Ashley Spires. Small Saul is definitely the little black sheep, or red-headed step-child, of the pirating world. He likes things clean and orderly, likes to sing, bake, and decorate. Because he is so very different from all of the other pirates Saul has a hard time finding his place on board. Will his new crew ever accept him for who he is? Or is Saul just not destined to be a pirate after all? Well you can find out if you open the pages of this endearing little book, which is filled with cool and fun illustrations cover to cover. I highly recommend this as just a general good storybook, one sure to elicit laughter from both adults and children alike. 4 bookies!


If you are looking for something piratical to read for an older crowd then check out these and see what you think:

The Bloody Jack Series by L.A. Meyer, I’ve heard really great things about these and I really hope I draw Bloody Jack out of The Hat sometime in the near future.

Terra Vonnel and The Skulls of Aries by D.C. Akers, after stumbling upon these recently I added them to The Hat and am simply salivating in anticipation of drawing them.

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, come one guys, it’s the Godfather of pirate books. Everyone should read it. Everyone. Yes you too.

and finally

First published in 1905, this is the 1915 cover.

Doctor Syn by Russell Thorndike, these were first recommended to me by some of my British friends and they are freaking awesome. They are also out of print, so if you are lucky enough to find copies snatch them up and share them with your friends. You will thank me. I promise.



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9 responses to “Scurvy Scoundrels! Aaarrrgh!

  1. Susan

    An interesting bit of trivia, Re Dr Syn: The last book was actually written first. As a stand-alone.
    The character proved popular, so Thorndike wrote a series of what we would now call ‘Prequels’. This tends to explain the difference in style – and why, IMHO, the last one isn’t as good as the rest.
    The first books are Brilliant!!! I have them all and I love them!

  2. Susan

    P.S. If you want more Pirates for kids, you CANNOT go past “The Great Piratical Rumbustification” by Margaret Mahy!! 🙂

  3. Oooo thanks for the rec’s Susan! I want all of the Dr. Syn books, I would also like to find a copy of Dr. Syn on DVD and Captain Clegg. Just out of curiosity is this FSC Susan? Cause if so that means you are one of the aforementioned British friends. 😛

  4. Holly9

    Tofusaint! What’s happened to you?

  5. HOLLY9! Aaaanother computer crash. Technology hates me I swear, plus I haven’t had time to get it fixed what with working in retail over the holidays. Hopefully I’ll be able to soon. I miss you guys and I miss blogging!

    • Holly9

      I’m still waiting for you to come back! I hope everything is going all right. I’m still trying to finish my revisions to the vampire novel … having a job and trying to write is not something I seem to balance very well.

      Hey — if you like paranormal romance, read Transcendence, by CJ Omololu. Not only do the lead characters look just like my main characters (LOOK at that cover! It’s Vivi and Ian!), but I actually really enjoyed the story, and I’ve read so many turkeys in the past year that this is high praise.

      I miss you and haven’t forgotten you!

      • HOLLY! I miss you guys too! You have nooooo idea. I will be back, hopefully soon. There is just so much going on that it’s making me crazy. I barely have time to eat, sleep, and breath. Let alone write or correspond on here. I can’t wait to read your vamp novel. I’ve thought about it a lot lately. I finished a picture book series, trying to snag an agent now. Fingers crossed. I’m also still working on Rare Birds and Well At World’s End, plus a few others as usual. I agree about not balancing well. I’m the worst at it. Oh, and I’m writing for a magazine now too. 🙂

        I will totally check that out tomorrow at work.

        Miss you, can’t wait to come back and talk to everyone! Say hi for me!

  6. Holly9

    Hey, best of luck with that picture book series!

    What magazine are you writing for? That’s pretty impressive. No wonder you’re busy.

    At least I know where to find you every so often! It’s really good to see you here, anyway. And I may yet pester you for a beta read of the vampire novel in the near future, if you’re still interested. It still needs a couple tweaks, but it’s getting very close to where I need to find out how someone else sees the thing.

    Never mind that the thought fills me with tummy-aching dread … 🙂

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