I haven’t been online much for the past week or so. Sorry guys, I was on vacation which means I was outside or dashing from place to place, or something. I haven’t even been reading! Eekgads! I’ll be getting back to it soon though, no worries. Just wanted to let you all know where I’ve been.

BTW expect to see a whole lot more children’s picture book reviews in the future, I just received a promotion and now I’m in charge of the children’s department at the bookstore! Yay! Soooo much fun to be had!

Do any of you have particular picture books that are favorites? I’m looking for ideas for storytime, bonus points if you know of fun activities to go with the books!

*I apologize for the previous misspelling! Thanks GC!



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4 responses to “Apologies!*

  1. Abby

    There’s “Rough Face Girl”, can’t think of any activities right off the top of my head, but you could get into contact with the Chieftan’s Museum. They might could suggest something, or be willing to sponsor something.

    • Thanks Abbs! I love love love that book. The Book of Virtues show did an episode about it and I fell in love with it after that. I wonder if it’s in print though?

  2. freedomtights

    Yay for promotioN!

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