Reminders. Also what disaster teaches us about being human…

Just a few reminders for all of my loverly readers.

1.) Book From The Hat Club. It’s not too late to join us, we haven’t set a date to meet up yet but let me know if you’re interested and I’ll definitely post the date when we confirm it. We’re reading Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok. With such great people joining in it’s bound to be fun!

2.)Social Vibe. Notice the widget to the right of the screen? You, my dear friends, have already provided 65 minutes of counseling for people suffering from depression and at risk of committing suicide! I’m super proud of you guys! If you haven’t participated let me first tell you, it’s free and there are no catches and nothing whatsoever to sign up for. All you have to do is participate in the daily activity which will pop up if you click on the widget. The current charity I’ve chosen to support is To Write Love On Her Arms. It’s a really great non-profit that provides help and hope for sufferers of depression, addiction, suicide, and self injury. So dudes, please take a few minutes to do the little Social Vibe sponsor survey (or whatever it is, it changes) and Social Vibe’s sponsors will make monetary donations to this charity. 😀

End Reminders.

My local readers will certainly know that last week many areas were affected by severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. The cost of human life was great, totaling somewhere around 400 deaths at last count. Many people lost their homes, their businesses, and churches. Some even lost their entire town.

The first string of storms hit my area the hardest. That morning, after the storm had passed, my mother and I drove around our little community for hours trying to find a way out of here and into town so that I could get to work. The level of destruction was shocking. Hundred year old oak trees were ripped up by their roots, roads dead-ended halfway down in a veritable sea of greenery, parts of houses were crushed and in a few cases sliced in half by the fallen trees. I was at first struck by the profound, and sad, beauty that comes with destruction. In this case the world seemed to be eerily still, the verdant leaves and grasses shone with jewel-like tones while the rest of the world seemed to have had the color washed out of it leaving it matte and gray. We would travel for a few minutes and all would seem well, until around a bend in the road we would be pulled up short by the fallen body of a majestic cedar sprawled across our path. We never did find a way out, eventually we gave up and came home to wait for people to come clear the roads. We did see some pretty incredible civilians out there helping strangers, involved in general clean up efforts, or just checking on their neighbors. One old, and very daring, man even went out in the street in front of his home, where one of the hundreds of trees had fallen on the power lines, put on a pair of gloves and held the LIVE power line off of the road so that drivers could get under it without endangering themselves. I want to bake him cookies. Another lovely old soul sat on his front porch, barefoot in his rockin’ chair, playing a guitar and waving at the motorists forced to turn around in his driveway because of the unexpected dead end created by the downed trees. Our super snooty neighbors even condescended to come over and speak to us at one point.

Throughout that day and the days that have followed I have come to the conclusion that you can only see the best that is within a person during times of devastation and disaster. The best of humanity, the strength, the courage, the compassion, the hope, and the love shine most brightly in the wake of something terrible. I think it’s beautiful that we, as a race, have this capacity for endless compassion and even altruism. That if we see someone or something suffering we empathize and go out of our way to try and help them.

I just wanted to share this with you all, and say thank you to all of those people who went out and risked their lives to help others in their time of need.

You are beautiful, I am beautiful, and we are beautiful.



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2 responses to “Reminders. Also what disaster teaches us about being human…

  1. Abby

    I have to say, I think this is one of your best posts yet! Very eloquent. It makes me wish that you had finished a book so I could go read it. So hurry up and finish a book!
    Talk to ya later!

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